Health Hazards and Fire Damage

When winter sets in, it can be blazingly cold, and a fire in the hearth looks like the only viable savior to keep warm and cozy. However, did you know that wood burning fire poses significant risks due to the smoke?
Smoke from that fireplace that you love contains toxic substances such as benzene and methane which can lead to asthma attacks and bronchitis and even worsen other respiratory conditions. Any fire, be it wood, tire structure, brush and waste releases toxic smoke that’s a combination of particles and chemicals from the incomplete burning of materials consist carbon elements.

Burns and respiratory issues are two leading health hazard associated with fire and smoke. Respiratory problems are common especially if you have a history of lung or heart diseases such as asthma and emphysema? Other victims include pregnant mothers and children.

Typically, burns are classified based on how severe or profound they are ranging from first, second and third-degree burns with the severity increasing with the degree. Signs of burns will be evident with redness, soreness on touch, and deeper layers of skin exposed.
Respiratory conditions result or are exacerbated when you inhale polluted air from burning matter such as plastic, wood, garbage, and leaves. The smoke produced contains toxic gases which when inhaled can be extremely dangerous.

Any contact with such air pollutant will result to the irritation of the eyes and nose due to the minute yet hazardous particles released. The fine particles can also penetrate the lungs and worse still, the bloodstream. As a result, you’ll experience difficulties in breathing, coughing and even headaches.

Fighting the Health Hazard Associated with Fire

Smoke results from burning fire and it makes sense to reduce exposure to smoke. If you have a family member who's been diagnosed with lung and heart disease, then you might want to eliminate any fireplace and wood burning stoves.
Besides, make sure you use wood that has been split and stored to dry for a long time. Also, modern fire inserts can help to deal with the problem of smoke at home. Finally, check that the fireplace room is properly ventilated to allow in maximum oxygen for complete combustion to keep the smoke low.

Fire smoke is a huge health threat. You have to take the necessary precautions if you’re to avoid respiratory conditions or even triggering the existing ones. If you need fire damage repair or deep carpet cleaning, contact the team at ServiceMaster Restore today. 

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