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play_arrow People who have owned a home understand that preventative maintenance ultimately saves you time and money.

Preventative maintenance will help to identify and eliminate problems before they arise. One of the most common areas where homeowners can proactively help prevent health issues is by maintaining clean air ducts and HVAC systems. At ServiceMaster Restore by Monroe Restoration, we inspect and clean your HVAC systems to ensure your home has an inviting and healthy environment.

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play_arrow Remove Allergens, Pet Dander and Stale Odors from Your Home with a Professional Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning

When it comes to removing environmental issues from the ventilation system, it all depends on the time of year that this is performed. One of the best times to hire ServiceMaster Restore is around the fall and spring seasons. Why? In the fall we start to use a furnace that maybe was sitting idle for several months and in the spring, our A/C units pull dust and allergens from the outside air into our homes. Have you ever noticed how dirty your air filter gets the first month of using your furnace or air conditioner? 

Our team understands that many people suffer from chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, that can be exacerbated by these allergens. That is why we take the time to clean the HVAC systems thoroughly so that the family has clean air to breathe. Installing filters simply isn’t enough to remove allergens and bacteria which are invisible to the naked eye. If the air duct system is dirty, people’s health could suffer. We provide fast solutions for you.

play_arrow A Clean Furnace Will Run More Efficiently

Keeping your furnace clean is key to its performance and will allow it to run more efficiently. The efficiency of your furnace depends on its ability to ventilate properly and get the oxygen it needs to operate. If the furnace is dirty, its access to air is impeded. Therefore, it cannot burn its fuel as well and will have to work harder to produce the same amount of heat. This drives up the utility bills for homeowners and means that the house will not be kept as warm when it matters most. Homeowners in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Valparaiso and the surrounding areas trust ServiceMaster Restore to ensure their furnaces are cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

If the air in your home is stale or if it seems like you are constantly dusting, give us a call. It may be a dirty HVAC system. We have HVAC and duct cleaning experts in South BendFort Wayne and Valparaiso available to inspect your system and provide a professional air duct cleaning service that allows you to breathe easier and live better!

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