Some of Our Hoarder Clean-up and Restoration Services Include:
  1. Removing Bacteria, Mold & Mildew
  2. Detailed Cleaning, Disinfecting and Deodorizing of Affected Areas
  3. Animal Waste Disposal and Clean-up
  4. Repairing, Restoring and Rebuilding Damage

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play_arrow Is someone you know a hoarder?

If so, you are not alone, as research estimates that 4-5 percent of Americans struggle with hoarding issues of some kind. Hoarding habits often come about due to emotional and/or physical limitations, and over the years a hoarder can create a chaotic and unhealthy, dangerous environment.

The good news is, our professional cleanup crews at ServiceMaster Restore by Monroe Restoration in Northern Indiana possess the experience, compassion and proper equipment to quickly and discretely organize and eliminate clutter. We can even handle animal hoarding situations and help relocate critters. Our teams are also armed with the skills to also disinfect and make necessary repairs within contaminated areas.

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play_arrow Health & Safety Risks of Hoarding

While it may just look like junk on the surface, tremendous danger can await beneath all those stacks of boxes, paper and other items a hoarder collects—especially if pets are involved.

In addition to being unsightly and creating potential fire hazards, other risks associated with hoarding include:

  • Mold & Mildew
  • Air Quality Concerns
  • Rodent & Insects and Droppings
  • High Ammonia Levels from Animal Feces and Urine
  • Trip and Fall Hazards

We offer fast and efficient cleanup services to help get things back in order quickly, leaving you with a clean and restored home.

Safe and Efficient Hoarder Cleanup in Northern Indiana

Our mission at ServiceMaster Restore is to make every client and their loved ones feel completely comfortable during the cleanup and restoration process. Our compassionate crew members understand just how stressful it can be to see these changes take place. We strive to respect the tenant’s privacy and use discretion as we quickly and safely remove unnecessary items from the home.

We do more than remove debris and cleanup the clutter. Our teams can also:

  • Separate trash from treasures, and help locate long-lost items that you’ve been missing
  • Help distribute donation items to local charitable organizations or family members who’d like them
  • Create detailed itemized inventory sheets so you know what and where items are located
  • Coordinate shredding and environmentally responsible recycling efforts
  • Packing, organizing and labeling boxes of items to be kept
  • Help facilitate legal paperwork required by government agencies (required in condemned cases)

Here at ServiceMaster Restore, we can perform our professional cleanup services in many other situations such as estate, rental property and garage clean outs. You just point us to your junk, and we’ll handle the rest—including IICRC certified restoration and cleanup procedures.

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At ServiceMaster Restore in South Bend, Fort Wayne and Valparaiso, we can restore more than your sanity with our extensive services beyond junk clearing—we help sanitize your spaces, too. Our company follows the guidelines and regulations as they are outlined by the certification processes by the Standards Developing Organization who oversees the inspection, cleaning and restoration industry. Our commitment to quality helps clients know that they can trust us completely to handle every job professionally.

Hoarding destroys properties. If you are a property manager, homeowner or hoarder cleanup company in need of junk removal or hoarder cleanup and property restoration in South BendFort Wayne, Valparaiso or the surrounding cities in Northern Indiana, give us a call at 800-246-2456. We’ll be happy to provide a quote for all or part of your hoarder cleanup needs.

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