Our Six Step Tile and Grout Cleaning System:
  1. Inspect
  2. Pre-Spray/Dwell Time
  3. High-Pressure Clean/Extract
  4. Detail
  5. Speed Dry
  6. Seal Grout

Northern Indiana’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Experts do an Amazing Job

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play_arrow If you have tile and grout that you are struggling to clean, you are not alone.

Sometimes using standard household equipment and cleaners is not enough to truly clean the effects of soap, hard water, and years of wear and tear. The simple fact that most tile and grout is on a wall surface, makes it awkward to reach and hard to get enough pressure to clean in all the crevices. If your tile is looking dingy, feels rough or sticky after cleaning, or the grout lines are gray and stained with mold and mildew, give us a call! Our team is one of the most trusted tile and grout cleaning services in the South Bend area.

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play_arrow Bring Your Kitchen or Bathroom Back to Life with a Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our professional tile and grout cleaning service is great for both ceramic and porcelain tile and ideal for kitchen, baths, countertops and other tiled areas of your home. We use a proprietary cleaning product that has reduced environmental impact, is odorless and is approved by leading environmental organizations.

At ServiceMaster Restore by Monroe Restoration, our tile and grout cleaners never bleach your grout to hide or disguise hard to remove soil. Our system restores your grout to its original color without removing the sealer.

We start with fully-trained grout and tile cleaning crews that use good old fashion scrubbing with non-acid cleaners and specially designed grout cleaning brushes. Then, we continue with a high-pressure, hot-water neutralizing rinse, in conjunction with a high-power extraction that completely removes all soil & leaves your floor sparkling clean and fresh. After the job is complete, we usually recommend you have us reseal your grout to help keep it cleaner, longer.

If you’re a homeowner in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Valparaiso or a surrounding area, and you are tired of seeing those grungy grout lines give us a call! We’ll clean and seal your tile and grout, and bring your backsplash, kitchen counter, flooring or bathroom back to life!

play_arrow We Specialize in Cleaning Kitchen Backsplashes, Counters and Flooring

There are a number spots that people have trouble eliminating, particularly when it comes to kitchen backsplashes, counters and flooring. Food spots, dirt that has been ground into surfaces and mildew are the biggest grout offenders. Our professional strength cleaners and specialized cleaning process can remove those types of spots from backsplashes, counters and flooring without damaging the grout or tile. If your grout damage is beyond cleaning, we have the equipment and experience to replace grout where necessary.

This is only a small sample of the many professional cleaning services we can provide to you and your home. If your kitchen or bathroom tile or grout is need of a deep cleaning, contact us today for a free consultation.

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