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Restoring Peace of Mind.When disaster strikes your home or business, there's no time to waste when it comes to starting on the restoration. Every moment of delay gives mold, rot, and even thieves time to cause more damage to the property. It is essential to call us right away to prevent the condition of the structure from getting worse. We have the tools, experience, and certified IICRC training to restore properties after fire, water, storm, and mold damage.

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1101 Cumberland Crossing, PMB 102
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Serving Porter, Lake, La Porte, Jasper and Pulaski Counties

play_arrow Fire Restoration

When a fire breaks out, it does more than burn its immediate surroundings. It causes smoke damage far from its focal point along with hidden weakness in the building's support timbers. Even worse, efforts to put out the fire often result in co-occurring flood damage.

Thanks to the charring and flooding, houses and buildings affected by fire often look hopeless at first glance. Even so, you shouldn't write it off as a loss. Call us right away to secure the property and give you a professional assessment of the damages. Once this is done, we'll get to work on restoring the structure to its original value. We are experienced contractors and can handle whatever is required.

play_arrow Flood Restoration

Flooding poses big problems to a structure regardless of the source of the water. Call us right away whenever it happens so that we can quickly remove that water and get the house or business back to a dry state. The faster the building is dried out, the lower the chance of a mold outbreak, weakened or warped support timbers, electrical damage, and other such problems. We use fully-modern methods to stop further water infiltration and eliminate existing flood water. Once this is done, we begin work on restoring the structure to its original state.

play_arrow Restoration After Storms

Storm disasters can be especially damaging because they typically bring with them multiple forms of destruction. Trees and branches that fall on houses and buildings can take shingles, siding, gutters with them. Worse, they can fall through the roof causing great damage to the structure and leaving your contents exposed. If you're home has experienced destruction from a storm, call us right away. We'll dispatch a team right away to secure your premises until the storm passes. Once the storm ends, we will then inspect the damages and provide a professional restoration plan.

play_arrow Restoration After Other Types of Damages

While fires, floods, and storms cause the most destruction and devastation, there are other disaster situations where a trusted disaster recovery company is needed. ServiceMaster Restore also helps homeowners and management companies take care of mold infestation, clean out homes that have been occupied by hoarders and deal with various other sources of disaster-grade building problems. In each case, we'll dispatch a team of highly qualified professionals to inspect the property and provide you with a complete and accurate estimate for clean-up and restoration.

Our experienced restoration contractors know exactly where and how to look for issues that accompany disasters. We have the knowledge and training to know just what is needed to restore your house or commercial building to pre-disaster condition.

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If you've been struck by disaster, we're here to help! Most disaster damage can be restored, no matter how bad it may look at first sight. Calling us right away will help ensure that the building remains repairable and helps to keep costs down as well. If you're worried about the costs, relax – we work with insurance companies to make help sure claims are approved, so you won't be hit with big, unexpected bills.

Disasters don't keep regular business hours. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency service. Call us any time day or night. We'll come right out to do whatever is needed to protect your property and prevent further damage from occurring. We serve the areas surrounding South Bend, Ft. Wayne and Valparaiso, Indiana.

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