Our Six Step Water Damage Restoration Process:
  1. Inspection and Assessment
  2. Water Removal
  3. Anti-Microbial Application
  4. Drying: Air Movement
  5. Drying: Dehumidifying
  6. Drying: Monitoring

Fast Emergency Water Damage Cleanup & Repair for Northern Indiana Homeowners

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play_arrow When you experience an appliance failure, leaky toilet, burst or broken pipe, roof leak, basement flood or sewer backup in your home, time is of the essence.

The longer you wait for repairs, the greater the chance of structural damage, health issues or other problems that can drain your finances and undermine your quality of life.

ServiceMaster Restore by Monroe Restoration is committed to protecting you from all the threats water damage can bring to your property and is available 24/7 to mitigate the water and begin restoration. No matter when your pipe bursts, your toilet overflows, or storm damage occurs, we will answer the phone and dispatch a team to your residence.

We will work diligently to rapidly clean and dry your house, making sure that no corner of the property continues to harbor water. Once the dry-out is complete, we will assess the extent of the damage to your walls, appliances and furniture. We strive to keep the cost of water damage to a minimum, allowing you to bounce back quickly no matter how bad the initial flooding is.

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play_arrow Water Damage Wisdom: Repair and Restoration from ServiceMaster Restore

Without proper cleanup, repair and restoration after a water disaster, your safe, clean home can quickly become a mold and bacteria-ridden nightmare. ServiceMaster Restore provides quick, effective flood cleanup services, keeping water damage to a minimum. Operating in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Valparaiso and other communities throughout northern Indiana, we ensure that no amount of flooding will compromise your home.

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In many cases, the most serious threat to your home is not the water itself, but the organisms it introduces. Mold spores spread rapidly in the moist environment that follows a flood. Once they are established, they create a musty odor, damage interior paint and drywall, and gradually undermine the home’s foundation. Quickly eliminating the threat of mold quickly is crucial to maintaining your family’s safety and quality of life.

ServiceMaster Restore keeps mold from growing out of hand through a series of quick, decisive responses. We begin by drying your floors, walls and furniture so that mold cannot spread, limiting the initial infestation. From there, we begin ozone treatments, odor removal and other services to kill the mold and counter its effects. By acting quickly, we eliminate the mold before you even notice it and protect your home from a disastrous outbreak of black mold.

Some of the Water Restoration Services We Provide Include:

  • Content and Document Drying
  • Drying and Dehumidification
  • Ozone Treatments
  • Content Removal, Inventory and Cleaning
  • Disinfecting and Mold Prevention
  • Expert Drywall, Ceiling and Structural Repairs

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Whether your water disaster occurred in the basement, main living area, bathroom or kitchen, ServiceMaster Restore has the talent, the equipment and the experienced to repair your home and bring it back to pre-disaster conditions or better. We are fully capable of every repair from roofs to floors and everything in between.

When water disaster strikes, it is important to have professionals on hand who can clean up the mess and get your family back on track. For the fastest response to water damage in South Bend, Fort Wayne, Valparaiso and the surrounding areas, call ServiceMaster Restore by Monroe Restoration. We are here to help you!

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